Tips For Getting CNC Machining Work

When you are trying to get the best from any of your industrial processes, it pays to learn the details that count. In the world of manufacturing, you'll need to learn about the ins and outs of CNC machining. This is a matter of production that can make your industrial company efficient, as long as you find the help of the machining shop that can assist you. In this regard, read on and use these strategies to get what you need from your CNC machining work. Read More 

How To Prevent Corrosion When Welding Stainless Steel

If you are welding stainless steel for the first time, you might discover that it is easier to weld than many other materials and can be welded with many processes. However, there are still many things that can go wrong when welding steel. Keep Stainless Steel Separate from Other Steels While stainless steel is a steel, it does not weld in the same way as carbon steel. Do not weld stainless steel and carbon steel at the same station because you may accidentally introduce carbon to the stainless steel, which can lead to premature welding. Read More 

Options for Marking Your Welding Projects

If you are new to welding and need to mark your metals for cutting, punching, and welding together, then you have a variety of different materials you can use to accomplish this task. Since different marking substances work better than others for marking various types of metals, it is important that you use the correct marking tools for the project that you are working on. To this end, here are some of the options you have for marking your raw metals before cutting, punching, and welding them. Read More 

Jewelry And Handmade Arts And Crafts Display Boxes

Beautifully made display boxes can enhance your handmade jewelry and arts and crafts and increase sales in a gallery, showroom, or arts and craft market. Display boxes can be made of wood and glass or metal and glass, come in a wide variety of sizes, and have many optional features. As a jewelry and handmade arts crafts artist, you can buy ready-made display boxes, make your own, or have them custom made to your specifications. Read More 

Staying Safe When Fabricating Sheet Metal With These Accessories

If you are going to be doing some sheet metal fabrication, it's important to stay as safe as possible. That's where these tools and accessories come in handy. Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet When it comes to welding, sparks and UV light can be hazardous to your eyes. That's why you need to wear an auto-darkening welding helmet when partaking in these types of tasks. These helmets are unique in that whenever you turn the welding device on, the helmet instantly darkens. Read More