Child-Resistant Options For Packaging Your Cannabis Products

Cannabis companies can be profitable and rewarding businesses, but a key to success is ensuring products are packaged safely. Child-resistant packaging helps keep edibles, oils, and other products out of tiny hands. Adding the right equipment and packaging options to your production line can provide added peace of mind and ensure your business is in compliance with local regulations. Here are some ideas you can deploy as you look at packaging options for your products. 

Child-Resistant Resealable Bags

Child-resistant resealable bags must be cut to open and feature hidden zipper closures to prevent little ones from accessing the contents stored inside. These bags are ideal for gummies, cookies, brownies, and other edibles, making them a smart option for any items that might tempt children. You can also invest in scent-proof versions, which keep the aroma of the cannabis and the other ingredients locked inside. Child-resistant resealable bags work with a range of cannabis pouch filling machines, so you can streamline your production while ensuring safe packaging. Consider a pouch filling machine designed to work with a number of bag sizes and designs for added versatility. 

Child-Resistant Glass Jars

Adding child-resistant glass jars to your packaging options provides a flexible merchandising choice. The versatile design can be used for everything from gummies to buds, and the jars come in an array of sizes to accommodate different weights and price points. Each jar features a locking lid, which can be difficult for little ones to open. These jars also provide branding opportunities with plenty of room on the side for stickers featuring your company name and logo. To add child-resistant glass jars to your production line, you'll want to look at filling machines and descramblers to make packaging your goods simple. 

Child-Resistant Exit Bags

Exit bags are used to package any products in your inventory that don't already feature compliant packaging. For example, cannabis products placed in senior-friendly bags or jars may need to be secured in exit bags to comply with local regulations. They are typically opaque to prevent the contents from view during transport, and they come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your customer purchases. These bags don't need to be used with a cannabis pouch filling machine, as products are placed manually inside at the point of sale. Zippered closures with a unique design create a tamper-evident seal to prevent children from opening and accessing the inside of the bags. The tamper-evident seals also provide protection for buyers when they transport their purchases inside their vehicles. 

If you need a cannabis pouch packaging machine, reach out to a manufacturer, such as Phoenix Engineering.