3 Reasons To Choose Structural Steel Framing For A Custom Detached Garage

If you need a safe, secure place to store your car(s) but your home does not have access to a conventional attached garage, a custom-built detached garage on your property can be an excellent solution. However, a detached garage must be both strong and durable, and since they can't rely on an adjoining building for added support, choosing the right structural framing is critical. Traditional timber framing is still widely used to create detached garages and other outbuildings, but if you want your new garage to truly stand the test of time, consider structural steel framing instead. Read More 

How Laser Cutting Can Improve Your Final Product

Manufacturing a product that requires parts made from steel or other metals requires some precision to ensure that the parts you are making fit correctly. Often the components may be pieces that are cut from sheet steel or an alloy, and making sure that each one is the same can be critical to the final fit and finish of your product. CNC Laser Cutting Laser cutting is not a new technology, but the ways it is being used are improving the quality and efficiency of it all the time. Read More