Jewelry And Handmade Arts And Crafts Display Boxes

Beautifully made display boxes can enhance your handmade jewelry and arts and crafts and increase sales in a gallery, showroom, or arts and craft market. Display boxes can be made of wood and glass or metal and glass, come in a wide variety of sizes, and have many optional features. As a jewelry and handmade arts crafts artist, you can buy ready-made display boxes, make your own, or have them custom made to your specifications. These display boxes will last for many years and are well worth your initial investment. Here are a few display boxes and options that work well in different exhibition and showroom situations:   

  • Lighted Display Boxes - Portable display boxes with color-balanced lighting are a great way to showcase your artwork. Light bars can be permanently attached to the interior of the top and sides of the display box to light your work without casting shadows. In glass display boxes, it is best to have battery driven light bars to avoid showing electrical connections and wires. The doors on these lighted display boxes can be locked or unlocked as necessary. These boxes will become your most valuable presentation assets. 
  • Shadow Boxes - Ready-made, portable, shadow boxes can be purchased to transport your art and can also be used as display boxes. Fabric-covered foam is used to line these boxes and can be changed with different colored liners. These boxes are not deep so ambient light from exhibition displays will give enough illumination without additional light fixtures. Being portable, these boxes can be easily picked up and shown to prospective buyers without taking out your art. If a buyer shows continued interest in the items, the shadow boxes can be unlocked, opened, and the artwork taken out for closer inspection.
  • Cylindrical Display Boxes - An effective way to display your artwork is with a cylindrical glass display box with a rotating center display. Jewelry and other artwork can be hung on the rotating display to offer the viewer a look at different options and colors. These rotating display boxes are lockable and offer a great deal of security at an arts and crafts market or showroom. Rotating displays get a lot of attention from viewers who might not stop to look at static displays. 
  • Engraved Identification Tags - For a professional look, engraved identification tags can be permanently attached to the front of your display boxes. Your name and the name of your company are all that is needed to identify your handmade artwork. 

An attractive presentation of your handmade jewelry and arts and crafts is the most important thing you can do to showcase your artwork. As an artist, you spend a great deal of time designing and creating your artwork and your display boxes should reflect that. Every detail of your presentation should emphasize the handcrafted aspect of your art. Your initial investment in having beautifully made display boxes will be returned to you many times over when you attractively present your work. Your increased sales will prove that presentation is everything.