Staying Safe When Fabricating Sheet Metal With These Accessories

If you are going to be doing some sheet metal fabrication, it's important to stay as safe as possible. That's where these tools and accessories come in handy.

Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

When it comes to welding, sparks and UV light can be hazardous to your eyes. That's why you need to wear an auto-darkening welding helmet when partaking in these types of tasks.

These helmets are unique in that whenever you turn the welding device on, the helmet instantly darkens. You don't have to adjust anything, and your eyes are protected from harmful UV light coming from the welding device.

There are many types of materials you can select from for these helmets. It's a good idea to select a helmet made out of nylon. Not only is this material durable, but it's extremely lightweight so your head movement won't be hindered at all while you work.

Metal-Cutting Snips

In order to get sheet metal to a certain size, you sometimes have to cut it. This doesn't have to be that difficult if you use metal-cutting snips. Featuring a durable, serrated blade, snips have the ability to cut through heavy-gauge steel. They also feature a compound leverage handle, which helps you maintain a good grasp when cutting different types of metal.

When looking for one of these cutting tools, it's a good idea to get one that is rust-proof. So if you leave it outside on accident, the snips are going to be perfectly fine the next day.

Cut-Proof Work Gloves

Some pieces of metal may be extremely sharp, putting yourself in danger if you are not mindful of your movements. You can prevent yourself from cutting your hands by wearing cut-proof work gloves. This type of glove has cut-resistant fibers incorporated into its design. This prevents sharp metal from puncturing any part of the glove, keeping your hands safe at all times.

Make sure you get cut-proof work gloves that are polyurethane coated. This type of coating makes the fingertips texturized, which prevents pieces of metal from slipping out of your hands. Another feature to look for when getting these gloves is a breathable material. That way, your hands won't get sweaty while you work.

Stay as safe as possible when working with sheet metal by using these tools and work accessories. They will help reduce the chances of an accident unfolding so you can have peace of mind. Contact a company like J&E Metal Fabricators for more information.