Secure Your Products And Maximize Shipping Efficiency - Advantages Of Stretch-Hooding Pallet Wrapping Machines

Developing a successful, large scale production operation requires careful attention to many details that you may not have previously considered. Chief among these is the proper way to wrap and package large quantities of your products for shipping and storage. There are several options in the ways you can choose to wrap pallets, and each requires a machine designed to perform that specific task.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages of pallet wrapping machines which utilize stretch-hooding. Choosing the right method for your production line will guarantee the secure transport of your products, and can put you in a position to reduce waste in your facility and maximize your potential output.

Increased Film Yields

Waste is the biggest enemy of any production line, both in terms of effort as well as materials. When you're packaging finished products, it's important that the pallet wrap is applied with accuracy and without wasting film.

Stretch-hooding has the advantage of allowing for pre-stretching of the necessary film to cover a full pallet. This will guarantee that you can not only consistently use the same amount of packaging material, but you can also predict that usage. This means that you can more accurately track the consumption of those materials, allowing you to eliminate waste once it's spotted. 

Coverage Of Multiple Pallet Sizes

In many production facilities, multiple products are manufactured simultaneously. These products may not have consistent or, indeed, even similar package sizes, so when they're being prepared for shipment, it may be a struggle to successfully cover each unique shape.

Stretch-hooding, however, will allow you to provide the necessary coverage with only minor alterations to your pallet wrapper's settings. In fact, you'll typically be able to program those settings ahead of time, guaranteeing that you'll always be able to make the right selection for pallets of all shapes and sizes.

Increased Product Recognition

Once your products have left your facility, it's important that nothing interferes with their sale. Guaranteeing a consistent supply stream is an important part of profit generation, and a part of that stream involves immediate, clear identification of your products. Stretch-hooding allows for your packaging to remain almost entirely transparent, letting both consumers and retail employees immediately identify which products are yours. This will allow you to build brand permanence and put you in a position to attract consistent buyers who look forward to your quality and professionalism.