4 Tips For Designing Product Labels

If you have recently created your own collection of handmade products, your next step is to design the product labels. When it comes to labeling products, you not only need to pay attention to the colors and layout, but also in having all of the pertinent information printed on the label without overcrowding. Here are some tips for designing successful product labels.

Choose the Right Color

Choosing a color scheme is usually your first step when designing product labels. If your business has a logo, use that as a guide toward choosing the right colors. Most product labels have more than one color, but try to keep the number of colors to a minimum. You should not be using every color of the rainbow on your product labels, or it will become too busy. When choosing colors, also consider the emotional response you want to get from potential customers.

For example, if you have a line of moisturizing lotion, you might choose green for happiness and relaxation or pink for tranquility. These colors are frequently used with personal and beauty products. Every color evokes a different emotional response, such as light yellow being for cheerfulness, blue for creativity, and white for relaxation.

Select Fonts Carefully

The next decision to make is what fonts you should use. Try to stay away from standard fonts like Comic Sans, Times New Roman, and Arial. Look into more creative fonts that will become the fonts you use for all your product packaging. You should have about the same number of fonts as colors; more than one, but not too many. About 2-3 is usually a good amount. Vary the sizes of the fonts on the packaging so certain words and phrases stand out, such as making the product title larger than the instructions on using the product.

You also want to be sure the label can be read from a distance. Print out a test label and hold it in front of you to see if you can still read it.

Be Careful With Font and Background Color Selections

Once you have chosen your color and fonts, you will start designing the label. This is where you need to be careful with the combination of fonts and colors. Don't choose a font color that clashes with the background color or other colors used. This can make it difficult to read the label. There should be a good contrast between the background color and the fonts used. Good contrasting color combinations include black on white, white on blue, green on white, and blue on white.

Make Your Product Name Stand Out

Product label design is unique in that the thing that should stand out the most is the product name. This is the most important part of your product label. When potential customers are looking for a certain type of product, they read the product name first. Choose a font and color that allows the product name to stand out the most. After that, the important eye-catching elements include a short description of what the product is, and your business logo if you have one. When describing the product, keep it short and simple, such as "dry hair shampoo."

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